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Hello all JoyfulGirls!

I am currently working on putting together the next issue — its about 70% done, as far as the writing goes. I still need to enter in the recipes and art and some new entries that I hope you will enjoy! After that, it’s all printing and stamping and mailing … I know that this is super late so I am trying my best to finish. A lot of the articles are requiring a lot of research and thinking so that is part of the delay.

I would encourage you, if you you haven’t already, to check out the resource section! I am adding more things there so keep checking!



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Hello all! I have added a new article to the resource section titled “Why Study History?”

With everyone probably planning out the next school year or at least trying to finish up this year’s work, I thought that this article would add some purpose to your and my studies. I am currently re-listening to to R. J. Rushdooney’s “A Christian Survey of World History” tapes from Vision Forum and just had to write an article to summarize what I learned from the lecture. (And this is just the introduction speech!) I learn best when I read something and then think about it for a while and then sort of “re-write/summarize” it in an article format. So, if you have listened to these tapes (which I hope you have or will!) you will notice a lot of repeating/restating.

Please leave a comment to say that you read the article! I would appreciate to hear what you think about it — do you agree or disagree with it? I would appreciate comments with both of these opinions!

Enjoy and thank you for reading!


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