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Saturday, November 22nd 2008
Today I got up around 8:00. Last night we stayed up and played ping-pong until 10:30 so I was a little tired. Besides, it was Saturday. Jonathan wasn’t so fortunate and had to get up for a men’s meeting at our house at 7:30. The meeting went well, he said, but there weren’t very many people. Still, they ate up most of the apple cake that I made last night. Anyway, today we had a recital at Christ Memorial Church in Poulsbo. I played the first four movements of my Bach French Suite in G Major — almost all of us played! Stefanie, Bethany, Kristi, Aaron, and Noelle all played duets and it went great. Aaron and Noelle (who I teach) did very well too! This is only their second recital so they were a little nervous about it. But they both did superific! When I got home, I worked on cleaning out the fridge, picking up the living room, and cleaning out the van. Then, I practiced 93 minutes of piano … a little less than usual but I got a lot done. Tonight we are going to watch either Flywheel or Facing the Giants which should be sweet. I should go get ready for dinner now so goodbye!

Sunday, November 23rd 2008

Are any of you journalists? I don’t mean “journalist” as in “reporter” but “journalist” as in “a person who keeps a journal.” Well, I used to be. And, now I am again.

On November 18th 2003, I had a recital in Bremerton. I was taking lessons from Miss Cole (now Mrs. Mandery) and we were having a fall recital. My good friend (and former neighbor and co-editor) Jenna Cooksey was also taking lessons and performing that night. I also met the Henning family on that night. But all that to say, the reason why I remember all of this is because I wrote it down. I had gotten a journal recently and had decided that it would be fun to keep a journal. For some reason, I believed that a journal wasn’t a journal unless you wrote in it every single day. So from November 2003 — May 2006, I wrote in a journal (which ended up filling 5-6 journals) every day. Sometimes I had to make up a day and write it down the following day but that’s my little secret so don’t tell anyone. J

So I used to be a journalist. But then I stopped. Life got busy and I got tired of writing.

But not anymore. My grandfather recently gave our family his journals from his entire life (or at least while my Mom was growing up until the present). I can’t wait to read them! That kind of inspired me to start up again so four days ago I started up again — on November 18th 2008. We’ll see how long it lasts! My goal is to get one whole year without missing a day … will try to keep you updated!
Then something else hit me.

While I was writing in my journal last night, I suddenly stopped writing, my pen suspended in midair. What if the story stopped here? What if this day were my last? What if this was it?

One thing interesting about writing a journal is that you are basically writing an autobiography. The difference is that you never know what will happen next — or if there is a “next.” You don’t know how many years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds (and whatever comes after that) you have left or if you have any left. I may never finish this post. All we Christians know is that the story ends with a “happily ever after.”

That’s the second inspiration. Writing down what I do each day with the possibility that I just lived my last day on earth has really encouraged me to live “all out” each day. My Dad ran 8 marathons and told me that when you run a race, you want to cross the finish line with nothing left. You want to give every ounce of strength and run all out until you’re all out. That’s the way I’ve been encouraged to live each day — if I would die tonight, I would be able to say that I gave it my all. It has also helped me to prioritize my life; what would I spend my last day doing?

This doesn’t mean we should freak out and be preoccupied with death. That’s a danger — living with death always in sight. But I guess it depends how you look at death. Because of what Christ has done, I don’t have to fear death and I look at death as a gate, an arrival, a beginning, a passageway, a wardrobe J. It’s just the beginning. We also shouldn’t get preoccupied with “what if’s.” God is in control and is sovereign. He is working out His Story and we know what the last chapter says.

But, we can still benefit from asking ourselves, what if this were our last day? What if this day were my last? What if this was it?

A Fellow Sojourner,


Additional Resources:
* Check out www.therebelution.com. They have a series going on their blog that is really beneficial to read! Here’s the link to their most recent post: http://www.therebelution.com/blog/2008/11/your-life-story/

* Listen to this song that I don’t really know who wrote it or what it is called but it has this line that says, “You only got one shot at this — one life, one chance, at the one thing you don’t want to miss. One day when it’s all said and done …” It’s a good song whatever it is called! (Note, if you know the name, please leave me a note below! Thanks!)


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