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First and foremost, with a controversial topic like this one, let’s make sure that we keep posts friendly, non-confrontational, and always godly. To this end, please do not call any candidates by name . . . I hope that this helps avoid a potential “outbreak”. 😉

* What are the three most important characteristics of a good president?

* Why do you think our constitution puts an age limit on presidents?

* What are practical ways to support your candidate?

Looking forward to the discussion!



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Hello all! Sorry I have not been posting for a while . . . summer is busy! 🙂 Here is a monthly discussion! Please comment!

There is a lot of literature out there but not all of it is beneficial, as we all know. 😉 Do you know of a book that has really helped you? Is there a book that was especially encouraging to you? Or is there a book that you would recommend for any girl?

Thoughts for discussion:

– Are there any books that a girl should avoid?

– Should a girl read romance novels? Please give a reason for your answer.

– Should a girl read books that encourage humanism? (This can be subtle but a lot of time it is there!)

– Should a girl read books that are written for boys? (ie Henty)

– What kinds of books should a girl read?

– What kind of fiction have you found beneficial?

– What kind of non-fiction have you found beneficial?

– What is your opinion about biographies?

– What is your opinon about classics? (As in older books- like the Oddesey)

– What is your opinon about fantasy?

– What is your opinion about mysteries?

– What is your opinion about theology/Biblical books (there is a word for this but I forgot what it is)

– What is your FAVORITE book and why?

I would appreciate some discussion on this subject! Please leave your thoughts, even if it is only a sentence. 🙂


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